Dealing With Anger and Children

Tips on understanding children's anger, and knowing what to do when you have an angry child

ADHD and Coping

Tips for teachers and parents with ADHD children

Special Help for ADHD Adults

Special steps that adults with ADHD can take to be more successful

ADHD – What you can do in addition to medication

Review of symptoms, causes, and myths of ADHD over the lifespan

Telling Children About Divorce

Tips on how to tell children their parents are getting a divorce

Step-Families: When Families Mend

Review of how step-families form, different types of step-families and which survive, and how your step-family can succeed

Why Do People Divorce?

Review of general reasons for divorce, including depression, substance abuse, and poor communication

Divorced Mothers

Review of the role and coping of mothers after divorce, and some advice from experts

Divorced Fathers

Review of the role of fathers after divorce, allegations in custody battles, and advice from experts