Domestic Violence – Types, Theories, and Assessment

Domestic violence in heterosexual relationships is a serious issue, with 20% of women reporting they have been assaulted by their partners, and this is true among married adult women as well as dating college women (IPARV, 2002). Stats are that 3 in 10 couples walking the street have had a violent episode at some point in the relationship, but 1 in 2 couples in your office have had an incident of violence. Worse, Williamson (2000) reports that two-thirds of couples seeking therapy did not report... more


Assessment- Ethical Standard 9


Read the APA Ethics Code – Standard 9 Suggested Readings Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce ProceedingsTesting and Assessment from APASpecialty Guidelines for Forensic PsychologistsFrom IPT, a selection of well-written and helpful articles Psychologists Who Make Unqualified Public Statements About Litigants Whom they Have Not Examined by Jack S. Annon Guidelines for Psychologists Who Receive a Subpoena for their Records by Jack S. Annon Misuse of Psychological Tests in... more