The Nurture Assumption

review of a book by Judith Rich Harris In a very interesting book, Ms. Harris presents considerable psychological and anthropological data to reexamine the “Nurture Assumption,” or the belief that nurturing your children will lead to happy well-adjusted children, and that if your children grow up otherwise then logically you didn’t nurture them. Her explanations are clear and her ideas well presented. However, Ms. Harris makes some of the same mistakes as the developmental psychologists... more


Corporal Punishment in Children – What Does It Accomplish?

How Many Parents Spank Their Children? Gershoff reports that Straus and Stewart (1999) found that 94% of American parents spank their children by the ages of 3 or 4. Primarily they spank children up to age 5, one to two times per month. Gershoff notes too that the US Department of Health and Human Services (2001) indicated that 13 of every 1000 children are abused or neglected. Thinking that spanking leads to abuse, Gershoff investigated the effectiveness of spanking by conducting a meta-analysis.... more


Parent and Family Types

Parent and Family Types The Influence of Parenting Style on Adolescent Competence and Substance UseArticle by Baumrind (1991) Journal of Early Adolescence 11(1) p. 56-95.Review by Richard Niolon Baumrind’s Model of Parenting Initially, Baumrind proposed three kinds of parents. Maccoby and Martin in the 1980s proposed a revised model, and Baumrind supported this. This is the model most people think of when they remember Baumrind. Based on their work, two factors or dimensions of parenting... more