I’m Not Crazy About eCollege Either: So Now What?

In “ReWork,” Fried and Hansson (2010) advocate an active approach to shaping your work environment, suggesting you “scratch your own itch” My “itch” was that I felt eCollege was missing a few things: It desperately needs a searchable and better organized interface for the “Google Generation.” It desperately needs better course design tools that are not constantly interrupted by course creation tools… and some templating so you don’t have... more


Education and Training – Ethical Standard 7


Read the APA Ethics Code – Standard 7 Suggested Readings The Clinical Psychologist Licensing Act for the State of Illinois Useful Notes Changes in Standard 7This section makes very clear that training programs requiring therapy or disclosure of sensitive personal information as part of the training process must take steps to protect students. Also made more explicit was the prohibition against sexual relationships by psychologists and the students and supervisees “in their department,... more