ADHD And Substance Abuse


Some have worried that by giving stimulant medication to children and teens with ADHD, we increase their risk to abuse substances in adolescence and adulthood. However, there really is no research to support this, and in fact, long-term studies of those with ADHD show the exact opposite. Do Stimulants Increase Risk for Substance Abuse in Adolescents? Biederman et al (1999) studied a sample of over 200 Caucasian boys who were at least 11 years old. They followed them for four years (meaning all... more


ADHD and Driving


There are still some professionals who doubt that ADHD is a “real” disorder, and cite poor parenting practices, for example, as an alternate explanation for the attentional and behavioral problems of ADHD children. However, many, many studies over the last 30 years have consistently shown that both teens and adults with ADHD show difficulties driving. None of those who doubt the diagnosis of ADHD have offered plausible explanations for how parenting practices in young children can affect... more