Comparison of Schizoid Personality Style and Disorder

Personality Style

Personality Disorder

Exhibit little need of companion ship, and are most comfortable alone
Neither desire nor enjoy close relationships, including being part of a family; have no close friends or confidants (or only one) other than first-degree relatives
Tend to be self-contained, not requiring interaction with others in order to enjoy experiences or live their lives
Almost always choose solitary activities
Even-tempered, dispassionate, calm, unflappable, and rarely sentimental
Rarely, if ever, claim or appear to experience strong emotions, such as anger or joy
Little driven by sexual needs, and while they can enjoy sex, do not suffer in its absence
Little if any desire to have sexual experiences with another person
Tend to be unswayed by either praise or criticism and can confidently come to terms with their own behavior
Indifferent to the praise and criticism of others; display constricted affects, e.g., are aloof, cold, and rarely reciprocate gestures or facial expressions, such as smiles or nods

Source: Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment of DSM-IV Personality Disorders, by Len Sperry, M.D., Ph.D.