Scoring Sheet Using Lacks' Scoring System
Client _________________________

Date __________         Time to Complete__________

Error Description A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Present
Rotation whole drawing rotated 80 to 180 degrees OR
mirror image drawing
Overlap contact point is omitted, simplified, reworked, or distorted OR
overlap in wrong place OR
don't overlap (less than 1/8 inch)
Simplification circles for dots on figure 1 OR
don't overlap (more than 1/8 inch)
oversimplified (not curves for angles)
Fragmentation figure is broken apart with destruction of the gestalt OR
6 or fewer items on figs 1 and 2, or missing row
Retrogression loops for circles OR dashes for dots, must be extreme and persistent OR
triangle, square, OR rectangles substituted for a hexagon
Perseveration dots from Fig 1 onto 2 OR
circles from Fig 2 onto 3 or 5 OR
more than 13 dots on Fig 1 OR
more than 12 columns of dots on Fig 2 OR
extra row of circles or dots
Collision one figure overlaps another or comes with 1.4 inch                    
Impotence tries repeatedly but can't successfully reproduce                    
Closure slight separation or overlap (less than 1/8 inch) OR
significant overlap, contact in wrong place, distorted or overworked at contact point
Motor Incoordination irregular, tremored lines, very heavy pressure                    
Angulation can't reproduce the angulation OR
whole figure turned 45 to 80 degrees OR
variable angulation of half of columns on Fig 2
Cohesion changes in size within a figure by 1/3 OR
changes in size between figures by 1/3
Time over 15 minutes required (under 6 minutes is normal)                    
Total Score                      

1) score presence of error, not frequency, and score conservatively
2) 5 or more errors is serious, but not if subject is lazy, uncooperative, or passive-aggressive
3) if client rotated card or paper and then draws correctly, it is correct