Resources on Gay Marriage  
Speaking Out: Why Gay Marriage Would Be Harmful
by Robert Benne and Gerald McDermott

This article argues against gay marriages as they are harmful to everyone, especially to children. They offer:

  Research has also shown that children raised by homosexuals were more dissatisfied with their own gender, suffer a greater rate of molestation within the family, and have homosexual experiences more often. Gay marriage will also encourage teens who are unsure of their sexuality to embrace a lifestyle that suffers high rates of suicide, depression, HIV, drug abuse, STDs, and other pathogens. This is particularly alarming because, according to a 1991 scientific survey among 12-year-old boys, more than 25 percent feel uncertain about their sexual orientations. We have already seen that lesbianism is "chic" in certain elite social sectors.  

the "research" they cite is an eight year old study that actually has nothing to do with being raised by gay parents. As for children of gay parents being more likely to "have homosexual experiences more often", they cite an 18 year old theoretical paper of sexual scripting, and I'm not really sure what that has to do with being raised by gay parents. As for the "1991 scientific survey", they actually do cite a 1991 study related to youth. This 13 year old study of gay and bisexual youth ranging in ages from 14 to 21 (so I'm not sure where the 12 year olds come into play) asked about their experiences coming to terms with their sexual identity. Thus, that these teens questioned their sexual identity given their minority status is not exactly Earth quaking.

As for lesbianism being chic... I'm sure many lesbians would say, "Well (blush) thank you, that's so kind of you to say." However, I really doubt a desire to be seen as sophisticated and cultured is the cause for lesbianism. The attacks and lies spread by these kinds of religious sites and people, coupled with things like Pat Robertson blaming gays and lesbians for September 11th and all the ranting and raving about gay marriage being the downfall of our society.... well it certainly hasn't made being gay or lesbian easy, much less chic.
Empirical Studies on Lesbian and Gay Parenting

This page is a collection of over 40 article summaries from APA about gay and lesbian parenting. Given the kinds of... misinformation... noted above, a link to actual "scientific" studies is warranted.